Working Out For Curves - My Journey From Out-Of-ShapeTo Curvy & Fit (Or at least, that's the plan!)

06/03/14 update: I saw one of my friends at the gym today I couldnt believe it! We haven't seen each other in like, 3 years, but she just happens to be going to the same gym as me now it's so weird. We had a good catch up and we kind of worked out together lol it was a good time with me and my sister there too, we're planning to go to the gym together more kinda like gym buddies. I showed her some of the workouts I've been doing she was kind of skeptical at first but she's going to give it a go (she was always a cardio bunny like me but now we're starting to lift some heavier weights and she wants to join in too). I might start posting my workout routines here too just to keep track of them and to share them if anyone else is interested in what we're doing.

03/03/14 update: Okay it's been a little while since I last updated this but I don't have much else to do right now and I remembered how I was going to track all my workouts and stuff here so I thought I should get to it! I'm still going to the gym regularly (I know right!) which is a big surprise to my family because they totally didn't think I'd stick with it but actually my sister has been real helpful and keeps me motivated I love her so much!

Anyway I read this book called boost your bust (I linked to a good review of it, read that first because it tells you what's in each chapter!) anyway I found it really interesting actually, it's all about natural methods for bust enhancement so you don't need to have surgery. (I mean it's not exactly a replacement for surgery or anything and if that's something you feel you need then that's fine) but it's more focused on the diet and exercise routines so you don't end up bulky or super skinny like what happened to me when I did cardio ALL THE TIME lol! There's no point in explaining it al here really, I only decided to get it after reading this review on purerita, so go check that out if you want more of the details, but basically I've been following this program for the last 2 weeks (i think?) and it's definitely helping me be more focused and do the right kind of workouts for getting toned instead of getting bulky (although my sister hates it when I say that haha!). Actually you don't even have to go to the gym to do the workouts in there, but I'm still going with my sister a few times a week just because it's fun, and then we usually go swimming after.

But yea that's what I've been up to lately and it's been going great! :)

19/02/14 update: I've had such a great day today! I'm just back from the gym and I feel like it's really paying off. It makes me feel great after a good workout, I can really see this being something I stick with for a long time, almost like a new hobby. It's fun spending some more time with my sister too, it reminds me of when we were younger and used to hang out together all the time. I think she likes it too. I don't want to be a bodybuilder or get too bulky or anything, but I quite enjoy the strength training workout my sister showed me, it's actually loads more fun than just doing endless cardio which gets boring so fast. 

15/02/14 update: Okay so the high calorie diet feels like it's paying off a little bit. I'm loving the milkshakes my sister has been giving to me, and I feel like I've added a couple of pounds which really helps. I've always been a skinny girl and I struggle to put on any weight because of my fast metabolism. I know a lot of people that thinks a lucky thing but it's really not sometimes. I mean I eat quite a lot but I just seem to burn it all off too.

04/02/14 update: I was talking to my mom today about surgery, you know, "enhancement" surgery. It's a conversation I had been dreading but she was more understanding that I thought even though she wasn't totally keen on the idea! I'm not really sure it's something I would want to do anyway, the whole idea of surgery still feels pretty scary to me and I'd want to make sure I've tried everything else first before I turn to that. The other problem is having to have repeat surgery 10 or 15 years in the future, and the costs that will bring as well. So for now it isn't something I'll be doing.

But I am going to the gym still and it's been great so far. I'm trying make it a regular habit and hoping it will give me a nice curvy figure if I stick with it for long enough! I've also been trying to eat more (my sister says I should eat 500 or even 1000 calories more than I do if I want to gain weight) I know some people are envious of me being so skinny but it's not the look I want :(

01/02/14 update: I've always been pretty envious of my sister. She's the kind of girl who has all the curves in the right places (kind of like this), if you know what I mean. So I decided to start going to the gym with her and tracking my progress here on my new website! 

I'm hoping this will help to keep me motivated and also serve a good way to track my progress as time goes on! :)